"Kum Nye opens the senses and hearts so that we feel satisfied and fulfilled, and can appreciate every aspect of our lives."

What is Kum Nye?

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Kum Nye yoga is a gentle healing system, which relieves stress, transforms negative patterns, and helps us to be balanced and healthy. It increases our enjoyment and appreciation of life. Kum Nye yoga heals both our bodies and minds, bringing their energies together to function smoothly and harmoniously. Because it leads to integration of body and mind in all our activities, this form of Tibetan yoga has a vital and lasting quality. With an ongoing foundation of inner wellness we are also able to be better of help to others.

Kum Nye yoga balances, integrates and energizes the whole of our being, inviting a sense of wholeness and calm within ourselves and in relationship to others and our environment.

The key to both our internal integration and a balanced relationship with the world lies within our feelings and sensations. We can nurture and heal both our bodies and minds by touching our feelings deeply and expanding the flowing rhythms they bring to us, for they are linked to the energy of the universe itself. This energy can stimulate itself internally to sustain and nurture us in our daily lives, recycling residues of blocked emotional patterns and making us alive and well: we are in balance.

Arnaud Maitland, senior instructor of Kum Nye, about Kum Nye as a "Key to Integration" of our life. (in English)


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Kum (sKu) refers to the body, not the physical, but rather our embodiment. It encompasses all aspects of our being. Kum refers to our presence in space.

Nye (mNye) means massage in the sense of interaction; it refers to stimulating feeling which can refine, recreate, and regenerate all of the patterns of the living organism. With Nye our energy constantly refreshes itself.

Yoga refers to ‘integration’; with Kum Nye yoga the energies of body, mind, senses, breath, and heart become integrated and we will experience wellness and wholeness.


In Kum Nye Yoga there are various ways, stillness and movement, postures and breathing methods, to stimulate the flow of feeling and energy that integrates body and mind. Through Kum Nye yoga we are rebuilding the inner architecture of our subtle body energy system.

"Loosening Up the Self Image" (54)

"Opening the heart" (57)

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